Alternative proposals for this interesting and prominent site near Camden Town were prepared for overseas client Great Capital Ventures BV. It fronts onto St Pancras Way just south of Camden Town.

Full applications were submitted to Camden in October 2000. A mixed-use scheme with 12 flats, business units and an office building was granted full permission in December 2001.

Camden took a strong view that ‘this was not a mixed-use site’ and we took the application to appeal. A one-day hearing took place; the Inspector found in our favour on all policy matters and expressed a preference for the mixed use option. He had reservations on the design as it related to the listed pub on the opposite bank of the canal. We lost the battle but won the war.

An amended design which, in the Inspector’s words “had a marginal reduction in office space” was submitted and approved by Camden following his guidelines. The montages shown here are of the original scheme; the bigger views of our computer model are the approved scheme.

The client is preparing to proceed with construction and has instructed us to apply for the permanent mooring of two business barges alongside the new building, as suggested by the British Waterways Board in consultations.

Project director and architect: Donald Needham; urban design consultant: Kim Wilkie; traffic consultant: Roy McGowan; planning evidence: Caroline Apcar.

Great images of the two original optional designs, the other being just for offices, and a fuller explanation, may be found by following this link and going to>project focus >Star Wharf.