[IMAGE: Office building in Chalk Farm Road designed by BWCP with Whitby Bird for Anglo Scottish Properties PLC]

BWCP was instructed to advise over 140 residents in the conservation area to oppose a development proposal. Having successfully guided the initial opposition, we made a new application for a scheme considered appropriate for the site. This was granted permission by Camden within weeks.

The developers nevertheless appealed their refusal and Brian Waters represented the LLP at a hearing where the Inspector upheld the refusal. The successful scheme was offered to the developer but they have chosen to make an equally unacceptable new proposal; this has been refused and a third attempt has been refused and taken to public inquiry appeal in December 2009.

BWCP gave evidence for the LLP supporting Camden and in March 2010 these appeals were rejected by the Inspector.

This press release tells the first part of the story:

Elsworthy Road residents seize the initiative

Despite strong officer support, a proposal for the demolition and
redevelopment 18-20 Elsworthy Road was unanimously rejected by
Camden’s planning committee on 6th September. The redevelopment as
proposed was considered inappropriate both in terms of its scale and

Mr Robert Starr, representing over 100 named residents of Elsworthy
Road made a statement to the committee.

On the advice of planning consultant Brian Waters, the residents have
now taken the initiative by putting forward an alternative
development proposal for the Council’s consideration. They have
commissioned Fingernagel Ross architects, who are presently
completing the refurbishment and extension of No. 16 Elsworthy Road.

Submitted this week, their planning and conservation area
applications restore and extend the terrace, reversing harmful
alterations and enhancing this group of houses which is noted as a
group of distinct character in the Conservation Area statement. The
application includes a design statement and fully explains and
justifies the more harmonious approach which is now proposed.

Given the Council’s approval the applicant undertakes to seek to
persuade the site owner to adopt this proposal and to facilitate its

Robert Starr who has organised the initiative said: “We consider this
to be a more constructive approach than merely to object to
propositions when they come forward from outside the locality.

As this proposal demonstrates, demolition is not justified and a very
satisfactory restoration can be achieved which will provide the
necessary enhancement to the site value.”

illustrations show the existing terrace; the first rejected proposal and
the new scheme put forward by the residents.