BWCP has been advising the Chelsea Barracks Action Group in its opposition to the scheme by Rogers Stirk Harbour architects and developer Project Blue.


Dear Supporters,

We want you to be the first to know!! It is with great reliefthat we have won the battle to have the design for the Chelsea Barracks withdrawn.

This morning we were notified that the developers have withdrawn their 121 foot (37m)steel and glass design because of the massive public objection that we generated with our months of campaigning against the monstrous development.

We must give huge thanks to HRH Prince Charles, Kit MalthouseDeputyMayorof London, Quinlan Terry, and other key public figures that have supported our campaign.

An immense thank you must go to the CBAG leadership team, which included Simon Davie, George Waite and Sara Gordon. Without them this result would never have been possible particularly against the developer’s campaign of smoke and mirrors.

We could not have done all this without our team of loyal and stalwart volunteerswho have leafleted weekly at the farmer’s market and all the surrounding streets of Pimlico, Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. And most importantly thank you to each and every one of you, our supporters, for registering your objection with CBAG and your endless letter writing !!!

Formed in February 2007, the Chelsea Barracks Action Groupcampaign went into overdrive last August with two people working fulltime for CBAG. Since then we have printed and distributed over 45,000 leaflets, lobbied key decision makers, made Freedom Of Information requests from government bodies, gained national media coverage, had thousands of petitions signed, protested at key events, lobbied the Westminster councillors with a weekly bulletin and even took legal counsel.

We also want to thank the support of our patrons who have been so willing to lend their name to our cause The Earl of Stockton, Andrew Roberts ( our historical advisor), Anna Raeburn, Lord Grantly, Sir John Nott, Dame Antoinette Sibley,

To do all this work over the past ten months has cost over £28,000 and we are extremely grateful to the people who have kindly made a donation. Thank you to Lord Stockton, Mr G Waite, Sir John Nott, Mr Peter Wrangham, Mrs M Mittal, Mrs D Teeling Smith, Mr Patrick Dalby, Dr DG Model, Ann Richardson (MA), Mrs Valerie Robinson, Clarissa Carleton Paget, Mr & Mrs Rupert & Sally Lescher, Paulene Stone Burns, Mr & Mrs JHM Pinder, Mr Robin Birley, Mr Patrick De Barros, Mrs MA Graham and Mrs Telling. We would be very thankful for any further donations from our other supporters to contribute to our outstanding expenses. Once again we must thank everyone for their unstinting efforts and lets enjoy the chance to celebrate what has been an absolutely outstanding result for Chelsea Barracks Action Group. HOWEVER, on a sobering note we still have to keep our eye on the ball and will not stop in our quest to have a development on the Chelsea Barracks site that fits in with our iconic area and provides London with a legacy for the next 100 years and beyond that of which we will be proud. Obviously we welcome the opportunity liaise with Qatari Diar to discuss the views of local residents before another design is put on the table.

Kind regards, Georgine Thorburn


To: Brian Waters July 2009

We are so relieved and delighted about this outcome and you were a marvellous help so a big thank you to you.

Very best wishes

Georgine Thorburn
Chelsea Barracks Action Group